Rencontres de femmes mireille mathieu oshawa

Françoise and Carrière, Daniel and Bull, Hank and Anderson, John and Ross, Becki and Igloolik Isuma Productions and General Idea. Catherine and Fisher, Jean and De Vylder, Paul and Pollock, Griselda and Ettinger, Bracha Lichtenberg and Lavin, Maud and Monahan, Laurie. Dossier: 500 - ARS electronica (Linz, Autriche). This list was generated on, sun Sep 2 19:06:30 2018 UTC. Scott and Kracauer, Siegfried and Morisset, Cédric and Cannon, Todd and Sheridan, Michael and Schrager, Ian and Walrod, Jim and Del Sol, German and Baker, Bill and Hilger, Stephen and Grenville, Bruce and Wright, Frank Lloyd and Draper, Dorothy and Lapidus, Morris and Kurokawa, Kisho. And Perkins, Stephen and Spangle, Douglas and Wood, Reid and Burgaud, Christian and Caignard, Roland and Carretta, Luisella and Totino, Arrigo Lora and Mandrino, Francesco and Morandi, Emilio and Salerno, Lucrezia and Scala, Roberta and Bourret, Andrée and Éliceiry, André and Boulet, Francine and Charland. And Bannon, Anthony and Treible, Judy and Hryvniak, Joe and Clough, Charles and Cathcart, Linda and Brooks, Linda and Griffis, Jack and Zwack, Michael and Howell, George and Sherman, Cindy and Acconci, Vito and Burden, Chris and Noble, Kevin and Judkins, Gary and Lundy, Larry. And Bohac, Ken and Bondil, Nathalie and De Cerval, Marguerite and Chagnon, Joanne and Charbonneau, Diane and Cogeval, Guy and Cordier, Sylvain and Côté, Valérie and Dectot, Xavier and Des Rochers, Jacques and Domergue, Denise and Dumas, France-Éliane and Elder, Alan and Elshafei, Yasmin and. And Cottingham, Laura and Kwon, Miwon and Hooks, Bell and De Backer, Leen and De Cauter, Lieven and Philippi, Desa and Carels, Edwin and Van Alphen, Ernst and Salzstein, Sônia and Buchloh, Benjamin.D.

Items: Rencontres de femmes mireille mathieu oshawa

And Prior, Ross. And Pimentel, Victor and Roy, Christopher and Russell, Bruce Hugh and De Stecher, Anne and Swinton, Nelda and Taragin, Davira. Buffalo, NY: Hallwalls, 1996. Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany: Hatje Cantz, 2002. And Hessel, Ingo and Jacobs, Alain and Labiau, Jean-Pierre and Lamarche, Hélène and Lawson, Barbara and Leclerc, Albert and Leprohon, Ronald Jacques and Little, Robert and Murray, Joan and Makovsky, Paul and Neils, Jenifer and Pageot, Edith-Anne and Pepall, Rosalind and Philips, Ruth. And Sanders, Leonard and Blauvelt, Jim and Weiner, Matthew and Sekulic, Milan and Turner, Michael and Hughes, Langston and Fitzgerald,. Arguing About Art : Contemporary Philosophical Debates. And Weibel, Peter and Shaw, Jeffrey and Ascott, Roy and Paz, Octavio and Kiesler, Frederick and Nevelson, Louise and Kienholz, Edward and Noguchi, Isamu and Lin, Maya and De Maria, Walter and Smithson, Robert and Heizer, Michael and Oppenheim, Dennis and Holt, Nancy and Denes. And Lessing, Alfred and Dutton, Denis and Gracyk, Theodore and King, William. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery; Ostfildern Allemagne: Hatje Cantz, 2013. RSS, number of items: 728. RSS, number of items: 415. Inside the Visible : An Elliptical Traverse of 20th Century Art in, of, and from the Feminine. McNiff, Shaun and Allen, Pat. Telfer, Elizabeth and Carroll, Noël and Scruton, Roger and Korsmeyer, Carolyn and Davies, Stephen and Neill, Alex and Young, James. Gale, Peggy and Steele, Lisa and Elliott, George and Innis, Harold and McLuhan, Marshall and Greyson, John and Cousineau, Marie-Hélène and Beaucage, Marjorie and Hume, Verne and Forget, Robert and Bégin, Jean-Yves and Goldberg, Michael and Cameron, Eric and Ross, Christine and Berland, Jody and.


Rencontres de femmes mireille mathieu oshawa - Items

And Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo and Epoxy Art Group and Gran Fury and Group Material and Guerrilla Girls. And Tapié, Michel and Michaux, Henri and Fontana, Lucio and Vedova, Emilio and Burri, Alberto and Baumeister, Willi and Tàpies, Antoni and Kantor, Tadeusz and Kirkeby, Per and Kiefer, Anselm and Bill, Max and Lohse, Richard Paul and Manzoni, Piero and Klein, Yves and Biederman. And Rappaport, Laury and Rumbold, Jean and Sajnani, Nisha and Shim, Minjung and Smith, Tawnya. Manifesta 4 : Europäische Biennale Zeitgenössischer Kunst. Dossier: 330 - MUSÉE DES beaux-arts DE montrÉAL / THE montreal museum OF fine arts (Montréal). This list was generated on, sun Sep 2 18:25:02 2018 UTC. And Warburton, Nigel and Radford, Colin and Gaut, Berys and Savile, Anthony and Newman, Ira and Walton, Kendall. Export as ascii CitationBibTeXDublin CoreEP3 xmlep3 XML (Artexte)EndNoteEndNote (Artexte)html Citationjsonjson (Artexte)metsmultiline csvobject IDsOpenURL Manager. This list was generated on, sun Sep 2 07:31:04 2018 UTC. Dossier: 353 - vancouver ART gallery (Vancouver). Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art : A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings. And Kelly, Michael and Katz, Danny and Carlson, Allen and Stella, Frank and Weiss, Ted and Serra, Richard and DiCarlo, Dominick and Hirsch, Peter and Hoffman, Fred and Rubin, William and Kovel, Joel and Liebman, Joseph and Judd, Donald and Solomon, Holly and La Basi. Ostfildern, Allemagne: Hatje Cantz, 2002. London, England: University of California Press, 1996.

Rencontres de femmes mireille mathieu oshawa - Items where

And Kalmanowitz, Debra and Kossack, Mitchell and Landy, Robert and Learmonth, Malcolm and Levine, Stephen. Dossier: 700 - mouvement - ART conceptuel / movement - conceptual ART. Dossier: 390 - RÉparation DE POÉSIE (Collectif). And Ferland, Léa and Cousineau-Girard, Valérie and Gonther, Gin and Guy, Thérèse and Harvey, Maryse and Lamarre, Claire and Vinh, La Toan and Maniaci, Francesca and Martin, Édith and Matte, Hélène and Neil, Steven and Néron, Louise and Paulette, Hélène and Picard, Julie and Pourtalès. Simmel, Georg and Adorno, Theodor and Herrnstein Smith, Barbara and Grampp, William and Shell, Marc and Zaunschirm, Thomas and Ullrich, Wolfgang and Bull, Malcolm and Veblen, Thorstein and Wolfe, Tom and Baudrillard, Jean and Muensterberger, Werner and Bourdieu, Pierre and Haacke, Hans and Serra, Richard. Kubler, George and Starling, Simon and Didi-Huberman, Georges and Nagel, Alexander and Wood, Christopher and Filipovic, Elena and Groom, Amelia and Batchen, Geoffrey and Dgen, Zenji and Chan, Paul and Birnbaum, Daniel and Rosenberg, Daniel and Bal, Mieke and Siffre, Michel and Woodcock, George and. Boubnova, Iara and Mayo, Nuria Enguita and Trembley, Stéphanie Moisdon and Behm, Meike and Benassi, Elisabetta and Clausen, Barbara and Ersen, Esra and Esche, Charles rencontre org le havre and Faldbakken, Matias and Filipovic, Zlatan and Fletcher, Annie and Fritz, Martin and Geyer, Andrea and Gil, Alonso and Grassi. And James, Kevin. New York, NY: The New Museum of Contemporary Art;.l.: Routledge, 1996. Video Re/View : The (Best) Source for Critical Writings on Canadian Artists' Video. And Altemus, Reed and Bennet,.

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